Personal Loan

Many people use personal loans to finance home projects, unexpected expenses, or to consolidate high-interest debt. Personal loans are also a good option for those who have yet to build home equity.

Account Summary

  • Best for single, one-time purchases of a specific amount for predictable monthly payments
  • Use for a set period of time
  • Multiple payment options and rates (dependent on income and credit score)
  • Interest rates can be lower than credit cards

Personal Line of Credit

With a personal line of credit, you'll be prepared for uncertain borrowing needs. Plus, you'll only pay interest on the funds you're using.

Account Summary

  • Best for multiple purchases, ongoing use or life events with uncertain costs
  • Use a Visa® Debit Card, checks or transfers to make purchases from a line of credit
  • Credit limit is determined by need, income and credit score
  • Interest rates can be lower than credit cards
  • Can be used for checking account overdraft protection